Bella Vita: Perfect Spot Lisbon, the place to be!

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Here is the wander couple Rita and John. But don’t get me wrong, my friends, the real star both in the picture and in our lives is little John!

Το Bella Vita είναι σήμερα γραμμένο στα αγγλικά για τους απανταχού φίλους του. Για όσους δυσανασχετούν λίγο, οι φωτογραφίες είναι απολαυστικές!

By Ilektra Chatzopoulou

It is not that I haven’t warned you about me being that irresponsible, though I hope that this will be the last delay. I have also warned you that this one will be in English so that all the amazing people who Ι met around the world to be able to read it too, because thanks to them I spent one of the most beautiful months of my life.

Our first dinner «international» dinner together.

As i said this article is going to be about the hostel that I used to work, but to be honest, it is not the house itself which makes your experience there unique but the people. After a trip to Indonesia, Rita and John, the owners, decided to quit their jobs and create an environment where travellers from all around the world would come there and feel like home. And back home they would say to their friends that they know a spot in Lisbon, actually they know the Perfect Spot. And they made it. I was working for Perfect Spot for one month and I have seen people coming to spend just one night with us and they ended up, spending a whole week.

Our logo

Mine was already pinned

But what’s the secret? What makes Perfect Spot unique?

First of all it is situated is one of the most beautiful areas of Lisbon, Cascais, ten minutes from the train station, the beach and the centre. But no, it is not the area that makes this place unique. Perhaps it is the place itself. You know Rita and John made everything by themselves and they also decorated the house with souvenirs from their trips, creating such a cosmopolitan environment. Still not the answer. Maybe it’s the breakfast prepared and delivered in small baskets for all the guests. It was way funny that when the guests had a surf lesson early in the morning and they didn’t have time to finish their breakfast they used to go to the beach with their rest of the breakfast in packages just like small kids. I used to laugh a lot seeing them holding their board in one hand and their apple / juice / toast / yogurt in the other. Unfortunately it’s not breakfast either.

Breakfast time!

You know Ι could play the guessing game for ages. But it’s fine I’ll stop it and with the hope that Rita and John will eventually forgive me for revealing their secret Ι am saying that they are actually everything that makes Perfect Spot different from all the other hostels that Ι have ever been. Can you imagine an owner who knows your name, who will prepare your breakfast earlier because he knows that you have surf in the morning, who will call you bro and he will get really pissed if you have been to any lame places because there are so many other better and “come on bro, you could have asked first”. Can you imagine a place where people who haven’t seen each other before arrange to cook dinner altogether and yes, pasta sounds like a really cool idea, and Ι think that there is still wine from our last dinner. Shame on me for never told you that before. Well every Sunday we used to have dinner altogether, as John used to be a cook, and you definitely have to try one of his recipes. So the answer is the people inside the hostel. First of Rita and John, and then all the other people who decided to pass by.

Kamila, seriously? I was sleeping!

Who is the cook? Definitely not me!

I could spend the whole day in this bed!

This room used to be my favorite because of its balcony.

Damn it! I forgot the word limit once again, so at that point I think that I have to say goodbye! See you on Thursday and Ι promise you Ι will not delay my articles ever again.

P. S: This year Perfect Spot Lisbon will be open for the winter as well, and if I were you I would have already made a reservation. Cascais is beautiful all year and if you happen to love surf, you know the kind of waves that you will be able to catch!

This is the place where magic happens. At least when John or Len are cooking!

Can you see the sofa? That’s the place where I used to chill after sunbathe.

Some of our guests couldn’t resist and let themselves fall asleep in this cute corner.

You can eat your breakfast here

Or you can eat it here

The frame is a tradition for our hostel. You pass by, you have a great time and then we get your picture!

Perfect Spot Lisbon
Avenida de Sintra 354, Cascais

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