India is the heart of the new world economic dynamic system

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By Panos Evangelopoulos
Assistant Professor
Department of Economics
University of Peloponnese

Waking very early up in the Oasis of Gajner.
Close to Bikaner and closer to Pakistani Borders.
Gajner is at the heart of the desert.
Travelling in Western India is passing from the unaffordable conditions of the reality to the comfortable conditions of the Palaces that have been transformed to beautiful hotels.
From the Desert to the Oasis or as Dante writes from the Hell to the Paradise!
But what in our eyes are unaffordable conditions of the reality for the ordinary people of India is their beloved relationship with their land and with their customs and habits, values and principles that not only help them to survive but also to work for a better future of India that is emerging very obviously and very soundly!!!
From their Maharajas and their Mongols Hans, and from the first colonists Portuguese and Dutch to the British Rule, contemporary Indians are building their future constructively positive in an extremely rare eclecticism that dominates their successful present and future!!!
India is the heart of the new world economic dynamic system.

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