Merkel’s “hypnosis” and the imminent Union haircut

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Last May Der Spiegel mentioned that «during her eight-year tenure as Chancellor, Angela Merkel has thoroughly succeeded in reassuring the Germans and in shifting their attention from political conflict to their personal wellbeing». Der Spiegel added that «by depriving German democracy from its dynamic character, ‘Mom Merkel’ has led the country to stagnation. This is a paralyzing consensus.»

Merkel’s “gift” of being able to «hypnotize» the public seems to be working in terms of polls as we are entering the final stretch for the German elections. But Merkel’s «hypnotism» is leading Europe to a nightmare with unpredictable consequences. Germany’s refusal to print money is leading to the «haircut» of peoples’ life savings. The truth is obvious. However, “hypnotized” eyes cannot see it.

Some fifty days before the German elections, the Christian Democrats of Angela Merkel are increasing their lead in voting intention. According to the latest poll released last Friday by the state television ARD-Deutschlandtrend, the ruling Christian-Democratic Union (CDU) and its associate Bavarian Christian-Social Party (CSU) get 42% of the vote intention — a four-year record high. And this despite the fact that 70% of the respondents stated that they are not satisfied with the government’s efforts to shed light on the NSA case and 78% do not even trust the Chancellor when she said that she became aware of the scope of the surveillance only through the media. Even the majority of her party’s supporters, namely 59%, were not persuaded from what she said.

And while Christian Democrats are doing great in polls, their government partners, the Liberals (FDP), are fighting a true battle for political survival since once again they were not able to achieve the electoral threshold of 5%. In a poll just a few weeks before the election, they received 4% and it is extremely doubtful whether they will be able to be represented in parliament and to ally again with the party of Chancellor Merkel. The Social Democrats (SPD) have lost a percentage point and are getting almost 25%, Greens have gained one point and are climbing to 14%, while the Left remains stable at 7%.

Everything suggests that Angela Merkel will stay in power after the election. A strategy that delivers results does not change. The Greek government and the Greek public are victims of her “hypnosis”, since they are naïve enough to hope that after winning the elections, Mrs. Merkel will make them some kind of a great «gift».

All international rating agencies say that this is “too good to be true” while they publish bad news for the Europeans every day. Fitch has already downgraded the EFSF from AAA to AA +, just as it has recently done with France.

Thus as Europe is enjoying its deep sleep the ceiling of 100,000 euros bank deposits will most likely slip away forcing EU citizens to look up directly to a sky of uncertainty.

Contributing to this fact is that money is fleeing from Europe to other destinations continuously.

Most importantly, as an educated observer could grasp the example of Cyprus imposes an even greater danger which is yet to be discussed: if it has taken months for Cyprus to come up with a final haircut figure in terms of a percentage, it will take even longer for a greater country or the entire Union for that matter to figure it out. This means that meanwhile deposits will be frozen…the size of the problem will then be imaginable.

What is described above is not a prophecy. It is the natural progression of things if nothing is to be done swiftly.

Unfortunately Europeans are proven to have a bad relationship with political timing.

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