Alexis Tsipras, why take only Rena Dourou to the US?

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According to our sources, the main opposition party leader of radical left, Syriza, Alexis Tsipras, is planning to visit the US after his trip to Latin America. In doing so one might think he would be accompanied by more experienced people than his foreign relations executive,  Mrs. Rena Dourou and improve his English language skills so the effort would have a more tangible effect and positive results for the country.

I wonder if besides getting the invitation, Mr. Tsipras has also changed his views on international relations. He may have read the “Game Theory”, but that doesn’t mean he has the ability to run foreign policy as a prospective Prime Minister.

Of course, this experience and knowledge gap could be bridged if Alexis Tsipras had a team who could assist him in organizing and implementing such a high level visit. Mrs. Dourou, though a very nice lady with only a little experience in advertising and as rumors say has worked for associates of the socialist politician, Akis Tsochatzopoulos (who is currently imprisoned due to his involvement in armaments programs and money laundering scandals) may not have a CV strong enough to guarantee the success of Tsipras’ trip to the USA.

His trip to Brazil, where he met the former President Lula, a good friend of the former Greek socialist PM, George Papandreou, was a joke. Alexis Tsipras made the following statement in Greek to the state TV crew that accompanied him: “In President Lula we found a strong ally in the efforts of the Greek people to overcome the crisis and in the efforts to endure and denounce the barbaric neo-liberal policies.” This “statement” has no basis in reality.

Brazil is actually funding Greece through the IMF- despite its will. On just about every crucial IMF board meeting it has voted against the continuation of financial support to our country. Moreover, it has even coordinated other Third World countries to also vote against the package.

One could overlook all that if Alexis Tsipras was able- through his contacts- to accomplish something positive for the country, like for example, persuading large business groups of Brazil’s growing economy to make a significant investment in Greece and create jobs. Nothing like that was even remotely attempted- despite the fact that the Brazilian economy presents some of the most impressive opportunities.

Sadly, Alexis Tsipras missed the opportunity to show he can bring victories for the country. Brazil’s only real contribution to the GDP of Greece will merely continue to be samba dancers at the Moschato carnival!

This is why some of the more serious leading party members are advising Tsipras to study more. Inside information tells us that Tsipras’ office has been filled with loads of books on Greek modern history from the 20th century onwards. His aides insist he carefully study the former political giants like the Liberals – Eleftherios Venizelos, and later Georgios Papandreou as well as PASOK founder Andreas Papandreou.

Tsipras probably made his whirlwind trip to Brazil and Argentina to escape his “homework” in Athens. We will keep you posted about the details of his trip to the US after official confirmation.

P.S. #1: What about improving your English language skills Alexis? You certainly cannot rely on your current level for your trip to the States.

P.S. #2: Pop Quiz for sharper minds: Why ever since the socialist party PASOK keeps losing ground in the polls- its leader, Evangelos Venizelos gets “meaner and meaner”?

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